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"I did this workshop once and it has been one of the most meaningful things I have ever done...

I believed I could be a storyteller after this!!" 
Susan Morales Guerra, Norway

The preparation of a story and oneself for the living reciprocity of engaged storytelling is at once spontaneous and extremely disciplined. In today’s world of unprecedented events and challenges, the role of authentic storytelling is urgently needed.  The Laura Simms Storytelling Residency, now in its 30th year, supports storytellers of all levels, and those committed to the uses of narrative in healing, education, ecology and mediation.  It is a step by step approach that works with presence, voice, embodied language, the structure and diverse meanings of a story (for each individual and in communion with other)  and the senses. We each work deeply on a story of our choice (whether personal or traditional) for six days.  Working in this way we reap the benefits of what each of us learns from our particular story.  

Fortunate indeed are those able to learn about and practice storytelling with Laura Simms. Her vast knowledge, depth,

experience, perspective, and sensitivity support learning this important art. And its fun!

--Mary Mayshark-Stavely


For those dedicated to going deeper, expanding capacity for performance, deep listening, spontaneous language, and embodied presence it is unequalled. It is helpful for those who are beginning and those who have been telling stories for a long time or using storytelling in education, healing, peacemaking, presentations, leadership, community, and transformation.

To register for the residency please select and download the pdf REGISTRATION FORM (to the left).

The completed form maybe emailed to:


or mailed to:

Laura Simms Studio, 814 Broadway, New York, NY 10003

We need stories like water

 This year feels important, even urgent, as a time to deepen our understanding and skills for working with engaged storytelling as compassionate action in our lives and in the world. Every year the Residency is one of my favorite times. We open up the story within the traditional story that not only reveals instructions for life, but profoundly inspires our personal stories to come forth with heightened significance. I hope you can join us. ”

The hunger for stories is considerable. People are starving for them. The reason stories are not listened to is that the story making is not a rational process. You can’t go to school, as people pretend, and learn how to write a story .<or tell a story> You can’t learn it because it comes out of the totality of the human spirit.

 —Sir Laurens Van der Post


"I loved the combination of meditation, physical movement, and intense work on one story. Every story I’ve chosen has revealed something completely unexpected about me, about it, and about the world.”

 Colin McNaughton, MI

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